transplanting again

I try not to delve too much here into the non-cute details of my life, but every now and again, one of those details becomes too big to ignore. The latest: we're moving to PEI.

Suffice it to say it has to do with the economy, the loss of my job and the finding of another job in Charlottetown.

Details, details. The important things remain the same.

And yes, this song just got cooler..

She has never once played this game

Jane:  (carrying around the game box for Chutes and Ladders)  This was my fav-wit game when I was a kid.

(It is always a shark)

Henry and I took a long road trip this weekend to and from Prince Edward Island. It gave us many, many hours to play his favourite car game: What animal am I thinking of?

Me: Is this animal a shark?

Henry: Dad! You can't ask that as your first question!

Me: But, is it a shark?

Henry: Yes!

Me: OK, my turn. I'm thinking of an animal. What is it?

Henry: Does it have fur or feathers?

Me: Fur.

Henry: What colour of fur?

Me: Brown.

Henry: What sound does it make?

Me: Sort of a 'chit-chit-chit' chatter.

Henry: Where does it live?

Me: In trees.

Henry: Is it a squirrel?

It is TOTALLY a squirrel.

Henry/Me: Woooo!

Henry: OK, my turn. (pause) OK, I'm thinking of an animal.

Me: Is it a shark?

Henry: Dad!

Take me dancing tonight?

It's just before supper. Jane is sick and grumpy. Alice is sick and grumpy. Henry is feeling great and announcing it at the top of his lungs. Erin, despite her grace, beauty and sexiness, looks demolished.

Erin: I was doing fine until about three o'clock. Then the exhaustion hit me, like - wham!

Me: Like, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?


Erin: Not even a little bit.

translation services

(Alice to English)

Dahdaaaah: Father

Bhumma: Mother

Daw: Dog

Tat: Cat

Burr: Bird

Ah: The rest of the dictionary