A night in the life

Alice truly believes she's never slept a second of her four years on this earth. Though, she is starting to suspect.

News! Henry has his own blog!

The waiting is the something something...

Guys, luckily that dude showed up, like, a minute later, and everything was FINE.


Friends! For those inclined, I am also on Tumblr. Are you? 

While I'm thinking of it, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, too. So many places!

The mystery of the cookie I accidentally ate

A lot of people are saying a lot of things about the guy who took that cookie. I think he's the victim here.

The kingdom is safe again thanks to you

I don't have anything to say here at the bottom of today's update except maybe this: take care of your teeth, friends. Proper oral hygiene is so very important. 

As you wish

"Why is that guy called Humperdink?"
 "Is he a real giant?"
 "Why did he kill that guy's dad?"
 "Are there any more sword fights?"
 "Who is that guy?"
 "Is Buttercup her real name?"
"Why are they called the Cliffs of Insanity?"
"Why can't he use his legs?"

All excellent questions.

And, hey! I have a Facebook site now, guys! Get excited about that!

CSI: Charlottetown

Ladies and gentlemen: the perfect crime. 

Across the street, someone had pulled the stop sign right out of the ground. There was also a discarded Christmas tree.

The kids had several working theories about how the sign, tree, and bird were related. Some of the theories involved the bird flying very fast and slamming into the sign. A more popular theory pointed the finger of blame squarely at Rowdy Teenagers.

No one suspected the cat found sitting seven paces from the corpse.

More Joan

Ah, Joan. So many wonderful ways to express yourself, and you always seem to choose that one.

Use your words, Joan.Use your words.

Tuesday sketchbook

Just a page out of my sketchbook for a Tuesday update. Most of this is self-explanatory. The moustachioed gentleman with the walker is my 96-year-old great uncle, who returned to his care home after a spell at the hospital. Not everyone makes it back from that place, if you catch my meaning, and when he did, the lunchroom welcomed him home with a hearty round of applause.

Introducing Joan

Our cat's name is Joan. Expect to see more of her in the next couple of days.

 Also, expect Monday/Wednesday/Friday comics updates in the future with maybe some extra notebook/sketchy stuff in between.


Friday, y'all. Friday.

I was welcomed home the other day by a full-on parade. Beat that.

Henry's sign said "YAY! DAD'S HOME! (no meetings!)", Jane's said "LOVE DAD! WOOOOO!", Alice's said "I WAS BORN ON TUESDAY."

Yup. Tuesday.

Erin, who also participated in the parade, wore a sign that became the title of this here post you're reading right now.

And now you know everything.

Bathtub fauna

Jane called it her "unihorn."

Honestly, this new comics thing is as much a surprise to me as it is to anyone. I'm having so much fun.

I'm toying with the idea of renaming the blog to reflect the change. "Dad! We're unicorns!" is my number one fav, if I happen to go that way.

More sledding

No friction? No sled required.

Another day, another comic about sledding. This, from the same day that brought us this comic.

Nap chats

A little chat I had with Henry the other day as he read his new Fantastic Four comic.

The winter of Alice's discontent

Stop wondering what sound a snowball makes when it lands uselessly on the ground. It is FLUP.

Who taught you to swear?

My latest parenting column on CBC Radio deals with kids and swearing. Take a listen.

Jumping the car

We had a little car trouble the other day. Nothing a set of jumper cables and a friend with a spare car couldn't fix.

When I got back in the car, Alice was bawling in the back seat.

Me: What's wrong?

Jane: Henry told Alice you were going to jump the car.

Me: I did! We're all fixed.

Jane: No, he said you were going to, like, actually jump over it. 

Me: Oh, buddy.

Henry: Sorry, Dad. I thought it was funny.

Alice continues to wail. Poor thing has been fighting a cold and has been cranky all day.

Me: Alice, I wasn't jumping over the car. I was taking some of the electricity from Jason's car and jumping it to our car. It's an expression.

She tries to be big, but she can't help crying.

I take off my seat belt.

Me: Well, there's just one thing to do.

Me: All better, Alice?

She wipes her eyes.

Alice: Can you do it again?