Pre-order Wereduck! DO IT!

Listen, we're friends, right? Y'know how friends do things for each other? Can you do something for me, real quick? Can you pre-order my book? Great. That's great. Thanks.

You can order it direct from my publisher, Nimbus, or from Amazon. So many convenient ways to pre-order my book! It's easy! Wheee!

Here's how Nimbus describes it in their Fall 2014 Catalogue:

Kate’s family has told her that on her thirteenth birthday she’ll hear the “Whooooo” call of the moon, and howl back, and become a werewolf just like them. But she doesn’t want to be a werewolf. She’s always felt more like a duck.

On the night of her thirteenth birthday, Kate stands near her family’s cabin in the backwoods of New Brunswick and hears the moon calling—but it sounds like more of a “Whoooo?” as in “Who are you?” and Kate does what she’s always wanted to do—she quacks. Quack, quack, quacks.

Her family tries to understand Kat’es new full-moon form, but they are busy integrating themselves with some new, edgy werewolves in town. Engaging, hilarious, and utterly believable, Wereduck is a thrilling addition to the were-canon.

Pretty neat, right? You can OWN this book. I can't even believe it.