Jane discovered this trick during a snow day a few weeks ago. For more than an hour, she walked around the house without ever touching the floor.

From my notebook

This has been sitting in my notebook since just after Christmas, but before I started posting any of these comics online. Lovely Janey was a lovely baby.

So many regrets

It's Islander Day! Which means I have the day off work. Which means I haven't access to a scanner. Which means instead of a regular comic update, you get this rendering I the haircut I gave myself this morning.

Alice screamed when she saw it.

Jane's dream ran a great story recently about a family discovered living in Siberia who, in more than 40 years, had no contact with the outside world. They ate only what they could grow or gather. When their clothes wore out, they grew flax, spun it into fabric, and made their own. Their only source of entertainment was telling each other the stories of their dreams.

I can relate to that last part. We do that almost every morning at the breakfast table. Alice, who as we've already learned has a shaky grasp of the concept of sleep, usually sees this as a time to tell seemingly endless tales in which she finds and hugs bears.

Jane told the above story a few weeks ago. It sounded authentic to me.

G'night, Jakey

Oh, man. Everybody loooooves Jakey. Just because he's handsome and he's well-behaved and he fights crime.

I tell you one thing, though. He has never made me supper. Not once. 

Snow day

Hi everybody. Sorry for the late post. Sorry also about the sloppy image quality. We're having a snow day on the Island, and I couldn't access my usual scanner.
Gosh, I'm sorry about everything.