Breakfast chat

Henry and I sit munching peanut butter toast in the kitchen. His curly hair sits on his head like a mop. He is gazing out the window.

Henry: Dad, I'm glad I'm me.

Me: What do you mean?

He takes another bite.

Henry: (mouthful of toast) I mean, I wouldn't want to be anyone else. Y'know what I mean?

I smile and sip my tea.

Me: I think so.

He shoves the rest of his toast in his mouth.

Henry: I'm going to go play.

He places his plate in the sink and skips out of the room.

Back scratch

Saturday morning. Jane and I lounge in the big family bed. Everyone else is up for the day.

Jane: If you give me a back scratch, I'll give one to my stuffed baboon.

Me: Sounds fair.