The Special K commercial that was filmed at our new house

Erin sits at the kitchen table and takes a sip of tea. We've spent most of the day unpacking boxes and moving furniture at our new home -- a lovely house we'll be sharing with our good friend Margaret.

"I just love the light in here," says Erin, admiring the way sunlight fills the room.

"That's why they filmed the cereal commercial here," says Margaret.

I stare at her. "Cereal commercial?"

"Kellogg's shot a commercial here in the '90s," she replies. "They paid the family who lived here big bucks to move out for the weekend. I've never seen it, but it was apparently a national ad in the states."

I look around. It is a nice bright space. I'm intrigued.



The PEI Film and Media directory mentions a Special K commercial shot on Prince Edward Island in 1993. YouTube has several Special K commercials from that year, most of which feature women in bathing suits climbing in slow motion out of a pool and proceeding to eat a bowl of cereal. And then there's this one:

I remember this ad!

It makes sense that they would shoot a hockey-themed ad in Canada. The inside of the arena looks, suspiciously, in some shots, like Simmons arena in Charlottetown.

As for the house, I'm pretty sure it's our place. If it is, they used the kitchen island as the breakfast table, and shot it over several takes from both sides to avoid the cupboards in the background.

It might be. It might not be. Either way, it's a lovely airy kitchen, and I'm happy to call it home.