Colours, by Jane (part two)

(Part one is here.)


Jane: Red and yellow make orange.

Me: Yep.

Jane: Yellow and blue make green.

Me: Mmm hmm.

Jane: Red and blue make..... um.....

She closes her eyes and thinks really hard.

Jane: Uh....

Erin: I'll give you a hint. It's what Alice is wearing.

Jane: Pants?

How to build a trebuchet out of snow: a tutorial by Henry (age 6)

It's easy.

Take two big snowballs. Put them on the ground.

Then, get a bunch of snowballs and put them on top.

Next, you need some snowballs. Bigger ones than the other ones, but not as big as the other ones.

Now, take some snowballs and put them in a line, sticking them together.

Then, you need one big snow ball here and another one here.

Finally, make a pile of snowballs for ammo, and you have a snow trebuchet.

Like sandwiches through the hourglass


Jane: Is Aunt Jane the same age as Aunt Karen?

Me: Nope. Aunt Jane is is four years older than Aunt Karen. Aunt Karen is three years older than Uncle John. Uncle John is seven minutes older than me.

Jane: How long is seven minutes?

Me: (casting about for something she could understand). Seven minutes is about the amount of time it takes for me to make and eat a piece of toast.

Henry: He is one slice of toast older than you.

Just add "er"

Alice recently had a grammatical realization: one who runs is a runner; one who bakes is a baker.

Wearing a tutu, she demonstrates her new understanding of language.

Alice: I a balleter ( ed - pronounced: bah-layer ). You the watcher. Sit on the couch.

Later, in addition to the tutu, she sports a cowboy hat.

I a ballet giddy-upper.

Reading for fun and self-preservation

Henry and Jane sit on the couch, their little feet dangling over the edge of the cushions. Jane listens patiently as Henry reads her a book.

Me: This is a nice scene to walk in on.

Henry: (smiling) I agreed to read her a book if she agreed to stop kicking me.