Barber cuts to the quick

Henry and I walked the other day past our new barber's shop.

Henry: Hey! That's Alphie's!

Me: Hey, you're right! I wonder if he's in today.

Suddenly, Alphie pops out of the shop, waving a hat of Jane's.

Alphie: Your little girl left this when you were here last week.

Me: Thanks, Alphie! Y'know, we didn't even miss it.

Alphie: Well, that's prosperity for you.


Anonymous said...

ah but so true

we are truly rich; can you deny it?

wordswords said...

I can't.

Sage, and a great barber.

Anonymous said...

Takes one to know one perhaps- Didn't I hear about the book he wrote?.."The Wealthy Barber .." Who knew he had moved to C.B.?!