Operation Mole

When the kids write their annual letters to Santa, besides the customary pleasantries and inquiries about Rudolph's health, we ask them to list two things they want for Christmas. Then, we try to give them just one of those things. I believe the lesson has something to do with learning you can't always get what you want. (but if you try sometimes...)

For Henry, weeding the list down to just two items is a matter of great stress. After many weeks of whining, looking for legal loopholes, and - frankly - questioning the authenticity of such an unjust elf, he managed to select: 1. Lego (which he recently discovered at his grandma's house); and 2. "some Thomas trains" (note the plural "trains" - that's his attempt at squeezing through a Santa loophole).

And then there's Jane. Dear, sweet Jane.

Erin: Jane, I'm writing the letter to Santa. Have you decided what you want to ask for?

Jane: Mmmm. (thinking) A mole.

Erin: Um.. a mole?

Jane: (ignores her, keeps playing)

Erin: Ok. (writing) "Jane would like a mole "... What else would you like?

Jane: (ignores her, keeps playing)
Erin: Jane?
Jane: (ignores her, keeps playing)
Me: Janey.. you've got to answer Mummy. We're sending the letter to Santa tomorrow.
Jane: (ignores me, keeps playing)
Erin/Me: Jane!
Jane throws down her toy, levels a powerful pair of eyes at us, and furrows her brow.
Jane: I. WANT. A. MOLE.
And now Erin must learn in about three weeks how to sew a stuffed mole... and make it look an life elven handcraft.


Anonymous said...

How about this?

wordswords said...

Cute, but N.C.E. (Not Cuddly Enough).

I think Erin's planning something in a cororuoy. Dark brown fur, pink nose and digging paws.

Anonymous said...

Did Jane specify whether she wanted a star-nosed mole or not? Because I think there isn't enough brown cord that would make one of those look cute and cuddly. ;)

wordswords said...

Agreed. I believe the final product may be more Mole Sister than actual mole.

Actual mole nose = ick.

just us said...

I want to know how come it is Erin's job to sew a mole. How come Daddy isn't taking up taxidermy or at least knitting one (softer, cuddlier). Oh, we can send some of our many extra trains your way.

wordswords said...

I think Erin is excited about making it!

And... if they kids suspect the mole was made by Mummy, we're going to be ready with a letter from Santa to Erin requesting she make it.. seeing as she's so good at making soft toys and the elves are OH SO busy.)

And thank-you for the offer, but there are SO MANY TRAINS ALREADY and I think he may be chugga-chugga choo-chooing away from his Thomas days.

Joey said...

Um... hate to throw a wrench into this whole situation at such a late date, but did you consider that maybe she wants a mole as in a beauty mark?

I vant to be left alone...