A feat of feet

Henry is a cougher. Any type of cold he gets eventually migrates to his chest. It keeps him up; it keeps me up. I happened to mention this to a neighbour, who recommended I slather his feet with Vicks Vaporup. "It sounds crazy, but it works."

It did sound crazy. I smiled and said it sounded interesting.

Henry started coughing again last night just after supper. I gave him a bit of cough medicine before bed. The poor boy coughed himself into a tizzy in the first hour of the night. Suddenly, the Vicks On The Feet Thing didn't seem so crazy.

I crept into his room, quietly told him I was putting medicine on his feet, and slathered them up.

It worked. I mean, it really, really worked.

I'm as skeptical as the next guy, but oh man. Next time he has a cough, I'm doing it again. Only next time, I'll put a pair of socks on him. His sheets are a mess today (sort of Shroud of Turiny, but more feety).


Tanya said...

The first time I heard this I thought it was crazy too, but it does work! I use it on my girls whenever they get a cough or even the sniffles. It is funny because now they ask for it if they are coughing. I rarely use cough medicine now. The key though is the socks, helps keep the rub on their feet! Hope Henry is feeling better! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this worked. If it hadn't I was going to suggest you try gravy.

Anonymous said...

My mom told me about this one and I initially thought it was ridiculous. After all, she's also been trying to get me to help my son through the terrible twos by using the Dog Whisperer's techniques (if he were a cocker spaniel I'd be more enthusiastic). But Al's a cougher too, so next time I might just give this a try. The Vicks I mean, not the dog whispering.